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Public Education

In recent years, Texas has begun to underfund, understaff, and put into positions of decision making power individuals with agendas to privatize our public education system. We have stripped public education of the arts, second languages, physical education, and vocational training.

Teachers are in need of innovative policies that encourage educational experiences that are not burdened with standardized testing, vouchers, and non-profit or corporate owned schools that further segregate our students and challenge the validity of the "Nation’s Report Card." The Republican- led legislative body has left open large corporate loopholes, they have imposed tax and fee increases on homeowner’s and small business, and they restricted the business tax margins further reducing the revenues for Public Education, including Higher Education.

I am in favor of re-balancing the financial burden of education to achieve tax and fee relief for families and small business owners. Texas can afford to invest in the educators, students, and programs necessary to provide a learning environment that produces a generation of well-trained individuals to compete globally in a rapidly changing world where robotics, math, science, arts, and technology hold the key to the future.

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