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The Affordable Care Act stopped insurance companies from denying healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions by forcing them into high-risk pools with outrageous out-of-pocket costs that forced many into bankruptcy or death. The ACA also provided pricing coverage for women at the same rate as men, as well as allowing young people to remain on their parent’s policy until age 26.

The failure of the current Republican legislature to expand Medicaid has left Texas ranked #1 in the Nation with the highest rate of uninsured at 16.6%, roughly 4.5 million individuals. This rate is partially attributed to our larger immigrant population, one of the weakest Medicaid programs in the Nation, and employer offered healthcare in Texas is lower-than-average when compared to other States.

I will fight to expand Medicaid to improve the quality of life for those suffering with conditions for which they can receive no care. I will support a temporary fix, which includes a Medicare For All provision that would allow the negotiation of prescription drug pricing. I would support a long-term move to a Single-Payer system to relieve the burden of financial burden from healthcare costs from the lives of individuals within the district.



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