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Energy & The Environment

Texas sits on top of some of the largest known Shale basins in the country. HD 94 sits atop the Barnett Shale, a geological formation located in the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin that covers 17 counties. Fracking has been the latest ‘boom’ for Texas despite the drawbacks of natural resource depletion, chemical injection, gas venting, and wastewater storage.

Texas also accounts for the largest amount Wind Power production than any other State, accounting for over 12% of the electricity generated from over 40 project sites. Though HD 94 is not suitable for Wind Power production, we are suited for home energy production from solar panels or solar shingles, solar battery storage, and electric vehicles. Finn supports legislation that would reduce carbon and methane emissions while transitioning us towards and energy independent future from sustainable renewable energy sources.

Finn believes that the future of Texas, the future of our grandchildren rest in our hands and by making the hard choices today, we ensure the continued growth of our economy, our security, and our peace of mind.

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