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Criminal Justice

Texas is ranked 7th in the Nation with the highest rate of incarcerated individuals. If the Texas prison population were a city, it would be the 20th largest city in the Nation. In 2014, out of every 100,000 people, 582 were incarcerated. Perhaps this helps explain the low voter turnout in the State. Finnigan supports our law enforcement officials and will ensure they are held to the highest standards of service. Community policing is necessary, as is providing the support and funding of programs in a transparent manner that builds trust in the community.

Finnigan favors non-violent drug users and those who’ve committed crimes due to mental health conditions receiving addiction treatment or mental health treatment versus incarceration. Many of those incarcerated are not receiving proper care and when reintegrating back into the community lack the support necessary and end up re-offending and becoming a further burden on the system.

Finnigan supports the decriminalization of marijuana, as Texas has already approved the medical use of marijuana and dispensaries are opening to those with approved Medical Marijuana cards. An estimated 70,000 Texans are arrested each year for marijuana possession, and most of the arrests are for small quantities. For 2018, SJR 17 and SJR 18 are both scheduled to allow voters to choose whether to allow recreational marijuana use or for a doctor to prescribe for conditions other than epilepsy.

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